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 "ก๋ากอก" (KAKOK)




Inspired by valuable heritage of traditional Thai-Lanna (Northern Thai) Art, “Kakok” Thai herbal soap was created by Thai-Lanna Art and Culture lovers as an artistic masterpiece. With an intention to convey the aesthetic values of Thai-Lanna Art, we proudly present the “Flower Soap” set, carved with unique flower patterns inspired by the local Thai-Lanna painting style, such as in the form of Kakok flower (Chok flower or Water Lettuce), lotus, and Pip flower (Indian Cork Tree). Our Thai herbal soap has a uniquely exquisite appearance, which can satisfy aesthetically pleasing needs, and also has an amazing quality in terms of product utility. This makes our soap suitable to be brought back as perfect souvenirs from the northern region of Thailand with Thai cultural value added.   “Kakok” Thai herbal soap is elaborately produced from Thai natural herbs which are grown in the organic garden in Saraphi District, Chiang Mai Province. With its various benefits for the skin, our soap is specifically suitable for healthy and magnificent skin lovers.




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